Sublime Text Saves My Sanity

Its been 7 months now since I started using Sublime Text for pretty much all my text editing and coding needs. I can honestly say that in the last few years it has been responsible for my biggest jump in productivity. There are several reasons for this:

  1. It is multiplatform software – I’m quite agnostic as to what OS I’m using. At home I primarily use a Macbook Pro laptop with Windows and Linux available in VM’s. At work my main workstation is Debian Linux based with Windows available in a VM. Being able to use the same editor on any platform I happen to be using drastically increases my efficiancy, I don’t have to remember different shortcuts for different editors. As a note the Mac version does use slightly different shortcuts but my brain automatically switches ctrl for ⌘ on that platform so I don’t find it a burden.

  2. Sane Licensing – Per user licensing rather than per machine. This allows to buy one license and install it on every computer I use. At home as well as at work. This is a biggy as it saves me money and encourages me to use it more as I don’t have to justify if installing it is worth the cost of an extra license.

  3. The plugins!!! The endless plugins!!! – The basic features of Sublime Text are quite good and already put it above most text editors. Once you start adding plugins that match the languages your editing and enhance your workflow it becomes ridiculously good. In future posts I’ll cover some of the ones I find indespensible as the list is way to long to cover here.